Why Pure Performance 24?



Why Pure Performance 24? Our mission at Pure Performance 24 is to improve the performance of every individual in their pursuit of strength, fitness and athleticism. We believe in the quality of every movement that our clients perform. Moving inefficiently is simply a waste of your time and can negatively affect your weight loss efforts and strength gains.

We provide exceptional training and programming utilizing modalities such as kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight and proven training principles. Learn the skill of efficient human movement and strength with Pure Performance 24.

We’re different than your local box gyms and training studios in the area. Our small group training classes are just that….small! Limiting our class size (8) allows our training professionals to concentrate on your individual training goals and skill level.

Our individual training (one-on-one) offers newcomers to elite athletes that next level of attention to reach their fitness goals. Whether you’re shy about joining a class, require greater attention due to medical history or you want to focus on a specific training goal, individual training gives you that hyper focused one-on-one time to take you to that next level.

We attract various specialists within the industry from Kettlebell experts to Pilates and Yoga instructors to experienced Strength and Olympic Lifting Coaches  and Self Defense experts who ensure that your time spent in our training facility was well worth your efforts. We are so committed to your success that if you don’t have improved strength, renewed energy, improved mobility or changes in your body composition after committing to the program for 90 days we offer a money back guarantee.

The kettlebell is our specialty and training tool of choice in our Strength and Conditioning Classes. Consider Pure Performance 24 as your local kettlebell training expert. We have exceptional Strength and Conditioning coaches on staff that provide our students, young and old, structured and effective training programs that generate movements to build and improve mental and physical strength, mobility, speed and power.

Many students decide to make investments in their own training tools for practice at home. At Pure Performance 24 we recommend the First Place Kettlebells from Perform Better. Stay strong!