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jackie s“Okay, I admit, I was skeptical walking into Pure Fitness 24 about 6 months ago. I am NOT a fan of gyms and weight workouts…..I like to run – FAR – and outside ONLY! But, as my 48th birthday neared, I realized I was getting lazy with my training. It was time to mix it up and finding Sheena was the perfect answer.

It has taken time and I felt frustration with my progress at times but then something amazing happened – suddenly all we’ve been working on clicked! I’m in the best running shape of my life. Long runs are comfortable now and most importantly, recovery is EASY!

Working with Sheena has been a blessing. I entered her studio writing some lame goal of achieving a stronger core but I’ve gained so much more…

• improved balance
• greater efficiency
• stronger head to toe
• leaner and lighter

All of which make me move very well! This is important to me – not only for the joy I find while running – but for the physical demands of my work.
Sheena’s knowledge, keen observational skills and commitment to proper movement make her worth the investment in yourself. Thank you Sheena!”
–Jackie S.

“In my capacity in the tactical law enforcement world and the military environment, it is imperative for me to stay at peak physical shape. So when deciding on a place that would cultivate and enhance my athletic performance there was no better option than Pure Performance 24. The ownership and staff are experts at tactical fitness. Whether working on strength, endurance, speed/agility or hardening, the level of expertise and knowledge is unmatched in the area. While training for the demands of PT tests, selection phases and advanced training evolutions, Pure Performance 24, ensured that every workout was tailored to adapt to my needs and overcome any weaknesses in order to guarantee that I could always adapt and overcome hardship during any iteration. Pure Performance 24 has my full recommendation.”
–Bret P.
terra hn “Before I began working out at Pure Performance 24 I hated exercising. Going for a run was an activity I dreaded doing. I apprehensively joined Pure Performance 24 because I wanted to get in shape and wanted to try something different. From the first moment I met Sheena and started the Small Group Classes training became a totally different experience. It became something I looked forward to.  The classes are great! I could visibly see results in my body and I felt good about my image for the first time in a long time. Sheena has the expertise to cater to every individual’s needs while creating a sense of community within the classes.”
–Terra H.N.
 Joe Cavone of Our Robbinsville posted this photo on his Facebook page at the end of one of his workouts. Joe wrote “Feeling stronger after working out with Sheena Potts of Pure Performance. Sheena is a great motivator, trainer, and resource and I appreciate her support and enthusiasm. If you want to feel better and look better, reach out to Sheena at Pure Performance. Awesome instructor, awesome person. She is a real pro.”
–Joe C.
ann “I am a 60 year old Grandmother of 5 who feels terrific! Working with Sheena….for the past 6 months has been a life changer. I am stronger, healthier and enjoy life more. Before Kettlebells when I was sitting on the floor to play with my grandson Mike I would need him to help me stand up but recently he noticed I could get upright without his assistance and he asked ” Grandmom why don’t you need my help getting up?’. My answer KETTLEBELL training. My knees do not ache anymore and the strength in my lower body is amazing. I want to be able to play, run & chase my grandkids for many years. So I say Thank You Pure Performance and Sheena!”
tara g“I’ve been working out with Sheena since 2009 and I continue to be rewarded with the results of our time together. Sheena gets to know you, your goals and your abilities. From the start she gets to know your goals and then comes up with a plan to achieve them. She pushes you to where you didn’t think you could go but always with your safety in mind. You master the skill before moving to higher weights or new challenges. I am always impressed by the thought she has put into the workouts each week. It’s not the same thing for everyone or even the same thing every week. I’m about a year away from 40, have 2 kids and have never felt better about myself health-wise. I could have never achieved that feeling without Sheena!”
lisa w “Sheena’s classes are amazing! I just started July 2012 and love the small group classes and the individualized attention. Recently, I quit a gym because the huge group classes didn’t resonate with me. While kettlebells are a challenging workout, Sheena introduces the movements in a well thought out way that is easy and safe. She makes sure that each person’s introduction to the workout is tailored to their needs. I highly recommend Sheena and this program.”
kevin t “Before I got involved in working with Pure Performance, I found myself getting less and less able to perform daily movements with limited mobility of my right arm do to an old shoulder injury. Over the last year working with Sheena I have greatly increased my range of motion of my right arm along with more energy and ability to perform daily functions. I would highly recommend Sheena and Pure Performance to anyone looking to improve their overall physical condition.”
–Kevin T.
gina m jpg “I first heard about Sheena’s kettlebell bootcamp from a co-worker. We decided to attend an intro class one Saturday in the Spring 2012. I thought it would be fun to try something new so I signed up for the 6-8 week bootcamp. My co-worker and I went 1-2 times a week together after work – we not only had a great workout but a fun time! I learned more about my body and ways to increase my flexibility and tone up with the kettlebell.

In the beginning I wasn’t able to do the Goblet squat without lifting my ankles off the floor – a few weeks after working with Sheena, I noticed a big improvement in that I was able to flatten my feet while squatting with no assistance. In that short time span I felt the kettlebell exercises helped to restore some flexibility. I also lost 5-7 lbs from these sessions! I mostly enjoyed how Sheena gave us personalized attention and customized exercises to meet our personal needs I incorporate the kettlebell and everything I learned into my exercise routine at home now. Its challenging, effective, and best of all rewarding!”

julie k “It is amazing to me that using just one tool (the kettlebell) has the ability to change a person’s shape, strength and overall fitness. Working with Sheena has allowed me to learn about the proper techniques to ensure that I am using the kettlebell efficiently and safely. After years of working out by running, weight training, and taking classes like spinning, I can honestly say that the kettlebell alone is enough for me to get a challenging workout that produces results faster than anything I have done in the past. It is far more efficient and requires less time with better results. The kettlebell may look daunting and seem like a tool that can only be used by people that are already strong and fit, but in truth, it is for everyone. With Sheena’s instruction and individualized attention, the kettlebell has become the only thing I use to stay in shape.”
dennis “Sheena has demonstrated an excellent, thorough understanding of anatomy and associated muscle groups, with excellent results in alleviating problem areas. Having suffered several back injuries, Sheena’s evaluation of my posture, gait and general positions for manual labor have resulted in developing a posture and lifting approach that’s prevented back and other injuries frequently prevalent before joining her program. My stamina levels have improved over time and my down time due to back pain has been drastically reduced. Her guidance on nutrition has been very helpful in preventing further weight gain and has been instrumental in developing a weight loss strategy that works.”
jackie f “I have been with Sheena since early 2009 and I love her! She has been a great instructor and has provided incredible support during my training. Even when I would begin to lose faith in my progress she never did..always pushing a bit..getting me to reach the next level. When she started her own training for her kettlebell certification, I couldn’t wait to begin learning how to use this tool. I love it! It is a super workout! Her patience with me to get my form exactly right is so important and we are getting ready for the next step. Thanks to all her training and patience I am going to begin my own training for a mini triathlon. Thanks Sheena!”
–Jackie F.
carol b “My goals were pretty simple: stop gaining weight, increase my energy level and get back my muscle tone. I have my muscle tone back, leveled off my weight and I’m wearing shorts again! Sheena made the classes fun but challenging and somehow managed to make individual adjustments to accommodate any corrective training needed for each student.”
–Carol B.
christine “I have tried every exercise class there is, from Aerobics to Zumba. This program Sheena has designed truly has transformed my body. I feel strong and empowered. I love the class size is small so she is able to work with you and give you individualized attention. Kettlebells and Sheena are my way of life now. I am strong and that is just the best feeling in the world!”
theresa “I am in my 50s and was noticing my body changing not for the better. After meeting Sheena, I instantly liked her. She really cares about helping you with any issues you may have. She knows your limits and pushes you to achieve them. When I first started kettle bell training, I admit it was intimidating. I couldn’t imagine lifting let alone swinging the bell. I guess I have been training with kettle bells now for about two years and love it. I have tried many exercise classes but have found none that work every muscle in your body as well as the kettle bells. I know that medical claims cannot be made, but my last bone density test was normal and I no longer need to take medication for osteopenia.”