Performance Reviews

Your SUCCESS is our top priority!

Your success and experience here with us at Pure Performance (PP24) is our top priority! We are dedicated to empowering you to achieve the training or fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. Our training professionals are chosen based on their experience, specialty, dedication, character and passion. It’s important that your goals and expectations of PP24 are being met through our training services, coaching, recommendations and professional products.

Pure Performance created the position of the Performance Review Coach (PR Coach) as your resource to have a voice! Our PR Coach is solely focused on your success and satisfaction. We encourage you to utilize this resource to ensure you’re staying on track, that your expectations are being met and to continually re-evaluate your short and long-term goals. You will be surprised at how they may change as you become stronger physically and mentally.

Our PR Coach creates a platform where you have a voice to share the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Your honesty, truth and transparency is what helps us help you. This should be viewed as a safe place where your discussions are kept confidential from the training staff and other members of PP24. We encourage you to share your feelings, both positive or negative, so we’re able to help you succeed and find pride and satisfaction in your training efforts. Your feedback will be used to make positive changes for you and the PP24 Team when necessary. 

As a client of Pure Performance 24 you are able to schedule a Performance Review at anytime for only $39!

You will have our PR Coach’s undivided attention for 45 minutes!

We encourage you to schedule these meetings a minimum of 4x/year (Quarterly)