Meet The Owner




S21A9164-2Sheena is a wife and mother to five children. She is a working mother and understands the continuous demands of daily life and how challenging it is to find the time for herself and her fitness. She has learned first hand that finding time is necessary!  Staying healthy and fit enables Sheena to fully provide for her family, her career and her aspirations.


Sheena holds a BS in Health and Exercise Science from Rowan University. She has worked in the fitness industry since 1998. She was a collegiate athlete at Rowan University where she played field hockey and lacrosse. She has coached field hockey at the elementary and high school level. Sheena has worked in corporate and commercial fitness facilities in management and fitness positions. She has extensive experience with a variety of clientele including athletes, pre/post rehab, general population and clients with orthopedic/medical issues.

Professional Certifications

• FMS Specialist Level 1 & 2 (Functional Movement Systems)
• SFG Level 1 Instructor (StrongFirst)
• RKC Level 1 Instructor (Russian Kettlebell)
• NASM CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer)
• CPR/AED and First Aid

Professional Objective

Sheena feels it is her responsibility to provide safe, effective and quality instruction to her clients. She firmly believes in the quality of movement and utilizing the power of the human body to achieve sound results.

“Being a training professional is more than simply instructing clients to perform an exercise” according to Sheena. Empowering her clients with knowledge, improving movement patterns and challenging her clients to reach and surpass set goals is central to her training philosophy. Sheena’s training is built upon a solid foundation of movement quality. She shares in the philosophy of the internationally recognized industry expert and co-founder of FMS, Grey Cook, who states “First move well, and then move often.”

Sheena began Pure Fitness 24 in April 2012 to change lives. She was not interested in offeringS21A9008_sheena_getup_blur180x180 a band-aid solution or quick fix for health and fitness. She wanted to educate, instruct and empower her clients to become their own advocates. Sheena states “You didn’t lose the ability to move well overnight, nor did you gain that extra 30 pounds overnight. Give yourself the time you deserve to regain the confidence, strength and willpower to make anything possible in your life.”

In January 2015 Pure Fitness 24 became Pure Performance 24. Sheena wanted to improve the performance of all individuals. Individuals of life, sport, business, duty, of all ages, sizes and skill level. It is now her mission to help improve the performance of every individual in their pursuit of better health, strength, wellness or athleticism with quality training, service and commitment.

Whether you are new to exercise, an elite athlete, or an individual looking to enhance your strength and conditioning, Pure Performance 24 is here to assist you.


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