Small Group Training

Small Group Training Classes (8 students per class. Pilates accepts 12)

We specialize in small group training classes that are just that, SMALL. Limiting our class size allows our training professionals to concentrate on individual goals, skill level and movement proficiency. Small Group Training offers a unique experience of merging Group Fitness with Personal Training attention. Our small group training sessions provide specialized programming, individual progression and skill development. Please find descriptions of our small group training classes below. View the schedule.

Strength and Conditioning

This focused and functional class is designed to improve your overall strength, mobility, conditioning and fitness level. Every session incorporates movement preparation drills, strength training and intense cardio intervals to help you shed those pounds while toning, developing lean weight and improved strength. Classes are limited to 8 students to ensure you receive personal attention from our passionate training professionals who are committed to helping you get stronger, leaner and more empowered with every training session. Classes incorporate a variety of training tools including, but not limited to, bodyweight, kettlebells, TRX, sandbags, battling ropes and barbells. Kettlebells are our specialty and are used to perform explosive and static exercises for combined strength, cardiovascular and mobility training. 

Built To Last

Are you looking to live a stronger, more focused life? Are you looking to transform your body, mind and spirit through a progressive strength and conditioning program? This 12 week course is blend of athletic, kettlebell and bodyweight movements designed to improve strength, power and endurance. 100% committed participation guarantees results! Can you commit to training 2x per week for 12 weeks? Are you willing to show up and put in your best effort? If this is you, Built To Last is it!


This mat based class will get your heart rate up as you work through various exercises to strengthen and tone your core while improving your flexibility and balance. Learn how to activate your core through proper breathing techniques and Pilates exercises. The blend of strength and flexibility helps improve posture, reduce stress and develop lean bodies.

Outdoor Excursions (4-6 per year)

The mission of our Outdoor Excursions are to get you moving in the great outdoors and provide you the time to recharge and rejuvenate! These guided excursions are led by our training professionals and are designed for all fitness levels. Training outdoors not only works your body but it uplifts your spirit and nourishes your soul. Unplug from your fast paced world, take in the beauty of your surroundings and relish in the opportunity to just focus on you! Improve your cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular fitness, bone density, joint mobility, reduce depression, improve your sleep quality, experience improved weight control and lower your risk for cardiovascular conditions! Outdoor Excursion dates always announced via our Newsletter (You can sign-up for our newsletter on the bottom of our home page.)