Corporate Performance

Corporate Performance Training is designed around the demands and needs of the organization. Our programs are designed to enhance the health, productivity and performance of your employees. We strive to facilitate a culture of wellness within your organization that will lead to higher productivity and efficiency, reduced sick time and employee retention.

Occupational Performance Solution

OPS is an opportunity to utilize FMS in the workplace to help reduce the risk of injury for employees thus helping to reduce health care costs and workers compensation claims. Research has shown that right/left asymmetries and major limitations in movement places an individual at a higher risk of injury. This solution demonstrates the importance of functional basic human movement. This solution provides assessments, integrated corrective solutions, progression tracking and successfully manage health care costs and workers compensation claims.

This is not ergonomics – Focuses on the environment.
This is not work hardening – Focuses on improving the work related tasks.
This is FMS! – Focuses on the individual.

FMS assesses your movement patterns and provides you with corrective strategies/ exercises to improve mobility and stability.

Widespread Benefits

Its streamlined system has benefits for everyone involved.

*Reduced Injury Risk *Improved productivity *Reduced Health Care Costs
*Reduced Time Off *Improved efficiency *Reduced Workers Compensation Claims
*Employee Retention *Consumer Satisfaction *Corporate Leadership / Innovation