Fitness Performance

Individual and Small Group Training programs to enhance overall strength and fitness.

Tactical Performance

Individual, Small Group and Department programs available to prepare for demands of service.

Corporate Performance

Small and Large Group programs available to improve health, productivity and employee performance.

FMS Screening

Assess and identify weak links and movement dysfunction that place you at a higher risk of injury.


Live a vibrant, strong and healthy life!

Do you want to start feeling better and moving better? Would you like to lose weight or improving your physique? Are you looking to improve your strength and increase your energy? Look no further. Become part of our family at Pure Performance 24 and be transformed! Become leaner, stronger, more mobile and balanced! Live a vibrant, strong and healthy life that you are more than capable of living. Our skilled team of professionals at Pure Performance 24 can help you achieve the results you never thought possible!

Pure Performance 24‘s mission is to empower others to live the most vibrant, strong, healthy and fulfilling life through integrated and dynamic training services. Our expert training, unwavering support and valuable resources provide everyone the opportunity for success. We teach men and women how to train with purpose. Your training program should work for you and have a greater purpose. Your training program should yield results!

Perform Better - Quality Functional Training Equipment

About The Owner

Sheena is a wife and mother to five children. She is a working mother and understands the continuous demands of daily life and how challenging it is to find the time for herself and her fitness...

What our members say

Jackie S.
Jackie S.
“I'm in the best running shape of my life. Long runs are comfortable now and most importantly, recovery is EASY!" READ MORE...
"After years of working out by running, weight training, and taking classes like spinning, I can honestly say that the kettlebell alone is enough for me to get a challenging workout that produces results faster than anything I have done in the past." READ MORE...